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Renovation of the Pool Beach at Camping Las Patrasses in Dordogne/Périgord: A New Era of Aquatic Pleasure

Welcome to Camping Las Patrasses, where this year marks the beginning of a transformation of our pool beach. The eagerly awaited renovation will breathe new life into the aquatic experience for our dear campers. Let’s dive together into the exciting details of this metamorphosis.

New Life for the Pool

Camping Las Patrasses, nestled in the south of Périgord, proudly presents its revitalized pool for the upcoming season. In July 2023, the campsite shared detailed results of the pool water analysis, demonstrating a continuous commitment to water quality and camper well-being.

Fun and Safety

The new facilities include a soft-ground beach, providing not only exceptional comfort but also increased safety, preventing slips and ensuring a pleasant aquatic experience for families.

Commitment to the Complete Experience

These improvements reflect Camping Las Patrasses’ commitment to offering a complete camping experience, combining luxury, safety, and aquatic pleasure.

Revolution at Las Patrasses

The renovation of our pool beach at Camping Las Patrasses in Dordogne/Périgord is not just an improvement; it’s a revolution. We have created a space where aquatic pleasure harmoniously blends with safety and ecology. Get ready to dive into a brand-new era of family entertainment.

25 December 2023

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