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Package for the theme weekend – Belling of Buck


The bell of buck echoes in our Perigord forests from late August to early October. On this occasion, the campsite Las Patrasses offers different packages “100% belling of buck”.

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Three packages are available:

-1: Package all inclusive:

Group of 2/3 people: 290.00 € / pers

Group of 4 people: 250.00 € / pers

Group 5/6 people: 230.00 € / pers

Group more than 6 people to consult us!

– High end accommodation (LODGE tent, COTTAGE, CHALET)

– Meals (morning, noon, evening)

– Drink included * (alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health)

– Horse activity (5h)

– Visit the castles of BIRON

– Belling of buck

* Saturday evening, drinks included except bottles



– 2 : Package including Accommodation / Activity: 

Group of 2/3 people: 160.00€/pers

Group of 4 people: 120.00€/pers 

Group 5/6 people: 100.00€/pers

High end accommodation (Tent LODGE, COTTAGE, CHALET)

– Horse activity

– Visit the castles of BIRON

– Belling of buck

– 3 : Package including Accommodation / Bell : 

Group of 2/3 people: 90.00€/pers

Group of 4 people: 50.00€/pers

Group 5/6 people:  35.00€/pers

– High end accommodation (LODGE tent, COTTAGE, CHALET)

– Belling of buck


It’s time that makes its reputation, we can distinguish different types of bells:

  • the bell of presence: short and brief
  • the bell of languor: long, isolated and melancholy
  • the bell of challenge: provocation with a high stamp
  • the pursuit bell: jerky shriek issued when the deer runs behind a doe
  • the bell of triumph: powerful cry of the winner of a fight.

It’s the time of loves but also fights and various intimidations.

It’s not uncommon to see at this time deer with clumps of grass hanging on the woods!

It’s a very physically demanding period for buck, at the end of which their occupation becomes eating and sleeping.

Live these unique moments, closer to nature during your stay in Périgord!

18 March 2014

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