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“Cinematic Behind the Scenes at Las Patrasses: Welcoming the Film Crew of ‘Fortune de France”

Welcome to Las Patrasses, the hidden gem in Dordogne that had the honor of hosting the filming team of France 2’s series “Fortune de France.” In this article, we will delve into this unique cinematic experience while discovering the natural treasures and charms of the 4-star campground.

Discovering the 4-Star Camping in Dordogne

Upon your arrival at Las Patrasses, the warm atmosphere and upscale facilities welcome you. Explore a campground where comfort meets nature.

The Filming Team Visit of “Fortune de France”

Uncover the behind-the-scenes of the series “Fortune de France,” created by Christopher Thompson and Fabrice Roger-Lacan, a captivating adaptation of Robert Merle’s work. Las Patrasses was the temporary home for this creative team during filming, offering a unique proximity to the world of cinema.

Behind the Scenes of Filming at Château de Biron

Immerse yourself in the history of Château de Biron, located 4 km from the campground, which served as the backdrop for many memorable scenes.

The Honor of Hosting a Prestigious Series

Las Patrasses is proud to have been the preferred accommodation for this prestigious series, adding a special dimension to the camping experience.

Sharing the Unique Experience with Campers

Although the campground wasn’t the filming location, campers can explore the surroundings, discover iconic scenes, and feel the creative energy of the series.

Attractions of Camping Las Patrasses

Beyond this cinematic adventure, Las Patrasses offers a range of attractions to make your stay unforgettable.

Exploring Dordogne from the Campground

Take advantage of the campground’s strategic location to explore the treasures of Dordogne, from picturesque villages to winding rivers.

Recommended Local Activities

Discover vibrant local markets and historic castles that dot the region.

Quality Accommodation in the Heart of Nature

Las Patrasses offers quality accommodations, from spacious camping pitches to unique lodgings.

Available Types of Accommodation

Choose between tent pitches, comfortable mobile homes, or unique accommodations for a special experience.

Las Patrasses, with its cinematic heritage and natural charm, offers much more than just a stay. Immerse yourself in history, nature, and cinema, all in an idyllic setting in Dordogne.

25 December 2023

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